How Do Rabbit Vibrators Work?

Rabbit vibrators have a main vibrating and rotating shaft as well as a clitoral stimulator to give you the maximum pleasure possible. They often come with several speed settings both for the vibrations of the shaft and clitoral stimulator as well as for the speed of rotations. It gets its name from the shape of the clitoral stimulator having ‘rabbit ears’ at the top. This design is intended to give the most about of pleasure through the vibrations penetrating the body as well as being on the outside. Most commonly the buttons to adjust speed are on the handle for ease of use when using it yourself.

There are many different variations that have different speeds and different ways the vibrations work. Some have beads inside the shaft to create vibrations where as other rely on the the whole movement and rotation to create pleasure. Speeds that are offered are usually 2 for the internal rotation and 2 for the clitoral stimulator and also the option of using both at the same time. There are lots of speed and movement combinations and they can be changed as you go along as well, which can be great for prolonging climax.

To some people every rabbit vibrator might seem that it does the same thing and to an extent this is true, they are all built for internal and external pleasuring. Many have rotating beads in the shaft that create the vibrations and it is the size and speed of these that produce the various sensations. The material of these can also be different which will have an effect on what you feel as well, for example metal or plastic beads.